We Are Your Adult High School

We are the first free public high school in Texas where adults age 18-50 can return to school to earn their high school diploma and complete training for a high-demand career.

Providing relevant education and whole-person support, The Excel Center is unlike previous environments you may have experienced, providing you the opportunity to change your life with the power of education.

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The Excel Center

Find out how our unique school community can change your life now, and in the future.

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Alyssa | Class of 2023

“First and foremost, I’d like to thank the school for existing, giving students a second chance at life, the teachers who have become a second family to me, and all those who have supported me academically and personally. You’ve all changed my life.”

Maria Elena | Class of 2022

“I decided I wanted to do more with my life. I did this for myself and for my entire family—AND for what this means for future generations! I have pride in knowing that my children were watching and supporting me. Because of The Excel Center, the future is brighter for all of us!”

Rose Marie | Class of 2021

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When Rose Marie graduated, she was honored to be the student commencement speaker. Just two years earlier, she had attended her sister’s graduation from Excel and was inspired by the Class of 2019 student speaker. “I remember Tamika speaking and thinking to myself, ‘That’s going to be me someday!’ …My experience at Excel was like finding another family. You meet amazing people.”

Chaz | Class of 2018

There was a difference in how Chaz felt about Excel than a regular high school. It was a place where he wanted to be, and a place where he knew he belonged. He knew the staff cared about him and his future. “When I needed tutoring, they were there. If I missed a class, they were there….When I needed help, they were there.”