Strategic Plan & Outcomes


I. Cultivate socioemotional development that empowers students through holistic support

  • -By August 2025, a culture of high engagement and student connectedness will exceed 80%.
  • -Pre-grad and first-year alumni support will be fully integrated into the life coaching model.
  • -All returning citizens will receive education and community integration supports.
  • -Provide a mentally and physically safe school environment.

II. Develop inquisitive and confident learners ready to extend their learning in careers and college

  1. -By August 2025, the Excel Center will build valid and reliable measures of student growth in learning standards aligned to college and career readiness.
  2. -By SY2025, all students will regularly engage in standards-based feedback protocols, building preparedness for their post-graduation goals.
  3. -By August 2025, the Excel Center will develop and implement a performance-based accountability system for adult learners.

III. Ensure that our students are competitive in high-demand careers

  • -80% of graduates will rate as “Meeting Standard” or above on the “Super 10 Career Proficiency Scale” which assess students’ ability to master 10 durable career skill.
  • -Develop at least eight employer partnerships that will provide students the opportunity to engage in work-based learning or certification training.
  • -All current campuses will have a minimum of five IBC’s offered by 2025.

IV. Attract, retain, and develop a diverse team of exceptional people driven by our mission

  • -By July 2025, maintain a 90% retention rate of proficient and culturally aligned employees.
  • -By July 2025, establish employee pipelines to support the growth and diversity of the district.

V. Build a sustainable network of high schools for adult students

  • -3,000 students will be enrolled by 2025.
  • By July 2025, The Excel Center will maintain a fund balance of 90 days or more.


  • 8,000+

    More than 8,000 adults have received educational programming and/or services from The Excel Center.

  • 1,412+

    More than 1,500 people will have graduated with a high school diploma by the end of 2023.

  • 500+

    More than 500 professional certifications have been earned by Excel students.


    *Cumulative 2014-2021