Mission & Values


The Excel Center Adult High School transforms lives in a supportive and holistic learning environment where all students are empowered to achieve.


We know that the single greatest solution to moving people out of poverty is education. And the most effective way to pull kindergarten through Grade 12 children out of poverty and into academic success is to empower their parents with the tools to be financially stable. In 2013, the Legislature and the Texas Education Agency (TEA) authorized our proposal for an adult high school model. The Excel Center for Adults focuses on providing educational opportunities to 18-50 year-olds who dropped out of high school and are typically under or unemployed.

Portrait of an Excel Graduate

  • Exhibits pride in accomplishments and bravery in tackling challenges
  • Advocates for self and others
  • Serves as a role model for their peers and family
  • Demonstrates perseverance and a passion for continuous learning
  • Possesses technical, professional, and durable skills
Person wearing a leather hat and graphic patterned jacket smiling.