Whole Person Support

When The Excel Center meets your whole needs, we create the ideal learning environment for you. Excel was designed specifically to meet the unique needs of an adult student, with direct instruction classrooms and curriculum built for an adult learner. We engage in whole-person support, which enables you to overcome challenges you may face on your educational journey and beyond. We can also connect you to a network of support organizations that will help you and your family navigate common issues with housing, financial instability, and more.

  • Career Education Services

    Durable and career skills are a part of all of our curriculum and support services, beginning with college/career planning in your first term, and we offer opportunities to gain real-world work experience or simultaneous training for professional certifications.

  • Childcare

    The Exploration Center is a free, on-site (Norwood) early learning development center offering a pre-K curriculum to children up to age 5 of Excel student parents. The Center is a Texas Rising Star 4-Star Provider and Success By 6/Austin ISD Collaboration Partner.

  • Coaching

    You’ll have your very own Student Success Coach at The Excel Center, who will be your go-to support. Your coach will connect with you regularly and help you set your career, academic, and personal goals during individual and group coaching sessions. Coaches are committed to helping you succeed and will work with you to overcome any obstacles along the way.


  • Mental Health Counseling

    Taking care of your mental health is as important as taking care of your physical health. Counseling is an effective way to manage instances of stress, anxiety, and more. As an enrolled student, you may receive free, confidential therapy through the counseling team at The Excel Center. The team consists of a licensed clinical social worker and master’s level counseling interns from the Steve Hicks School of Social Work at the University of Texas.

  • Personalized Learning

    Accelerated academics, tailored schedules, and individual graduation plans accommodate your unique journey. You may enroll with anywhere from zero to 21 credits, with or without tests, and with varied grade level equivalencies. A Five-Term Calendar enables you to enroll at multiple points in the year with seven, eight-week terms to support a busy adult student.

  • Transportation Assistance

    Showing up is half the battle. The Goodwill Excel Center offers free, monthly bus passes to help you get to and from your campus for classes. We also have options for transportation to and from school special events.

  • Basic Needs & Additional Resources

    In addition to a supplemental food pantry, Excel may connect students with a broad network of support to meet individual needs including housing, emergency needs, and more.

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