ESSER Supplemental Spending Plan

The Texas Legislature authorized under TEC Section 29.930 as added by House Bill 1525, 87th Legislature, Regular Session, a portion of the state’s discretionary ESSER III funding to provide additional resources to pay for unreimbursed costs due to the coronavirus pandemic and for intensive educational supports for students not performing satisfactorily. A small number of school systems that have more direct COVID-19 related expenses and/or projected costs for learning recovery than they will receive under CRRSA ESSER II and ARP ESSER III formula funding are eligible to receive the supplemental grant funds appropriated by the Legislature. These funds are known as the Supplemental ESSER (ESSER-SUPP) Grant Program. Eligible school districts apply for funds and are awarded an entitlement based on a formula established by the Legislature. The Excel Center for Adult’s updated entitlement is $1,531,185.00. This preliminary spending plan was used to determine a budget and apply for the grant funds.

At least 62.5% of these funds must be spent for academic enrichment activities. The period of availability of ESSER-SUPP funding extends to August 31, 2023. Since these are temporary funds, our spending plan includes an exit strategy for each proposed solution. This plan will be amended periodically to reflect changes in our spending plan.

Preliminary Spending Plan